Could you give Roxy her forever home?

Lovely Roxy
Lovely Roxy

Meet sweet little Roxy.

Roxy arrived at Sheffield Animal Centre last October, as part of a cruelty investigation. She was extremely nervous when she first arrived, and struggled to trust new people.

RSPCA spokesman, Adam Spencer, said: “Roxy was wary of handling, and had a poorly tummy too, for which she has had tests and treatment, along with her sore joints.

“Now, a year later, this delightful dog is ready to start a new chapter in her life, in a secure and happy home with a loving new owner - we just need to help her to find one!

“Although she`s still unsure of new people, once she trusts and loves you, she is an affectionate and loving little girl.

“Roxy, now a six year old Staffi Bull Terrier, loves to play and have fun, although she loves toys a little too much so we have to be very selective with her playthings or they last about five seconds. She is now happy to have a gentle groom too, especially if paired with a tasty goody or two.

“She doesn`t mind being around other dogs but she is very worried and wary around loud, really lively dogs. Roxy much prefers a gentle sniff and potter with a like minded soul who isn`t demanding anything of her. We are looking for a home where Roxy can be the only dog for the moment so she can settle, bond with her new owners and have support and help her worries and fears without having to be concerned about sharing her family or resources.

“Roxy is looking for an experienced and understanding dog home where any children are older teens and who have plenty of time to help our girl settle and overcome her worries and issues related to her past. Her tummy and joint issues are now well managed but she will require lifelong medication to keep her happy and well.”

Could you be the ones to offer Roxy a bright and happy future, filled with safety, security, and love?

To find out more about Roxy, or arrange a visit, call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050.