Barnsley Hospital students visit Parliament

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Two Trainee Assistant Practitioners (TAPS) from Barnsley Hospital visited Parliament recently for an educational trip with the Nursing Midwifery Council.

Shavaune Herbert and Leaoni Hazeldine joined twenty other TAPs from across the country in the hope of gaining experience in two focus areas and visited the Royal College of Nursing too.

The pair are midway through their course with the Trust which is aimed to develop and consolidate clinical skills, with day release to Sheffield College to gain knowledge which complements work-based training.

Shavaune said “It was great to join up with fellow TAPs and share the experiences we’ve had to date and gain some insight in to other areas of nursing. We’re always learning, and this was another angle for our ongoing development.”

Their visit to the capital also saw them learn about the 19th century physician John Snow, who was a leader in adopting medical hygiene practice and anaesthesia as well as

Five TAPs started in post at the end of March on an 18 month programme and will support registered nurses in Pre-assessment and the Continence teams at Barnsley Hospital. They will deliver patient care by taking on specific tasks and caseloads and contribute to the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care.