Latest technology to contact council

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Reporting issues such as potholes, littering, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles and faulty street lights should become easier thanks to a new Doncaster Council ‘app’.

The free Doncaster Council App is available for most smartphones and tablets including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad, whose users will also be able to use it to find out more about news around the borough.

The new technology is part of the council’s commitment to modernise the way it interacts with customers and improve the way it delivers its services, and will continue to be developed as more services and the ability to track progress are included.

Once the app user tells the council about an issue, and takes a photo if required, it is logged, located, prioritised and given to the correct department immediately using technology, and a notification is sent to the customer to let them know.

The new app is being billed as a simple way for local people to get in contact with the council, in a way that is convenient to them, with no need to worry about council offices’ opening hours or finding the time to make a phone call or pay a visit.

Cabinet member Paul Coddington said: “We are very excited about the new app and how well it will benefit our customers and support our council teams to do their jobs.

“I hope as many people as possible will take advantage of it - it is easy to use, accessible, and means residents can communicate with us any time, anywhere, and we will be able to respond to their queries quicker than ever before.

“It goes without saying that these days there is a lot more choice when it comes to communication channels - more people are using smartphones and, for many people, the information they seek or the problem they want sorting is just a touch of a button away.”