LATEST: Deep clean of Sheffield school planned to halt spread of sickness bug

A Sheffield school is to undergo a deep clean to halt the spread of a sickness bug which has hit 166 pupils today.

Intake Primary School
Intake Primary School

Intake Primary School in Sheffield has 166 pupils and three members of staff off sick with a vomiting bug, believed to be the norovirus.

The deep clean is to be carried out over the weekend.

Headteacher Lisa Reid said: “A large number of our pupils have been affected by a sickness bug.

“I have spoken to Public Health England and Environmental Health who have given advice. I have also written to all parents to let them know what’s happened and to ask that, if their children are unwell, they keep them away from school for 48 hours after the last period of sickness.

“We are carrying out a deep clean of the school to prevent any further infection and will be talking to children about washing their hands regularly.”