Large families should no longer be the norm

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Did anyone else feel the same way on learning that the UK birthrate is at its highest for 40 years and exceeds that of any European country? It is a national disgrace.

We complain about the housing shortage and then moan when homes are built on green field sites. We blame immigration for Britain being overcrowded, yet we haven’t got to the root of the problem. We’re breeding like rabbits.

High birthrates and large families are characteristic of underdeveloped countries in the third world, where child mortality remains a major threat, but not western societies with an advanced health service.

Why is this phenomenon not being replicated elsewhere in Europe? Germany has a stronger economy than ours, and they generally have far fewer children.

Eventually, there will be more of us than them, despite their country’s far greater land mass.

I believe the issue of family planning has not been tackled for reasons of political correctness.

It should be considered socially unacceptable to want to have more than two children.

Big families should no longer be the norm in modern Britain.

I believe this has come through over-generous benefits. If child benefit were restricted to the first two children, then that would encourage a woman to think carefully before having more.