Lapdancing bars damaging to us all

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There has been a lot of press recently about the damaging effects that the sex industry has on women.

The bid to convert Steelhouse into a bar with pole and lap dancing acts is a development we should all reject.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, this isn’t another venue to add to the area’s leisure industry, it’s about a growing sex industry that’s exploitative of women.

These venues can be associated with poor and degrading working conditions where women are often classed as independent contractors, relying on tips to make ends meet and putting up with rude customers who feel they can make disparaging and lewd remarks about them.

The effects of the bars are also wide-reaching within local communities too.

Bars like this objectify women which is disrespectful and damaging for all of us.

I wouldn’t want this for my own daughter so let’s reject Barrett and Barrett and send them on their way.

Gail Walker, Millhouses