Landlord fined £1,000 over threats

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A LANDLORD who threatened and harassed his tenant over rent he thought he was owed has been ordered to pay more than £1,000 in fines and costs.

Saleem Ali, aged 27, of Earl Marshal Road, Grimesthorpe, pleaded guilty to breaking tenancy laws after he scared a woman so much she left a flat he owned on nearby Popple Street.

Council prosecutor Paul Barber told Sheffield Magistrates’ Court Ali made repeated phone calls and late-night visits to his tenant.

Mr Barber said on one occasion she received a phone call from Ali’s brother demanding rent.

“During the call he threatened to slit her throat,” Mr Barber said.

“She was so frightened she daren’t return home and went to stay with a friend.”

Council officers warned Ali about his conduct and advised him how to lawfully evict someone.

But Ali and his brother Nadeem continued to harass the woman until the council put her in temporary accommodation for her own safety.

Mr Barber said: “Saleem Ali told the tenant over the phone the locks had been changed and her property seized. She was told if she wanted her property back she would have to pay any rent owed.

“The law puts great store in a tenant being able to live in their home, free from interference with their peace and comfort, free from harassment.”

Ali was ordered to pay a £600 fine, £390 legal costs and £15 victim surcharge.