Land Rover RAMS into BMW driver to stop car overtaking on busy Sheffield road

This is the moment a furious Land Rover driver rammed into a BMW to stop it overtaking on the Mosborough bypass.Â

Friday, 26th October 2018, 3:37 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 3:43 pm
Mosborough Parkway - Google Maps

The footage, uploaded to Facebook, was recorded at around 5pm on Tuesday on the A57 heading from the Parkway to Coisley Hill roundabout. 

In the shocking footage, the Land Rover can be seen driving slowly in the overtaking lane before the BMW nips in front of the car. 

Mosborough Parkway - Google Maps

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The Land Rover then speeds up to stop the BMW driver from cutting in front of it. 

The BMW driver then speeds up next to the Land Rover who decides to ram their car into the side of the BMW. 

The clip ends as the BMW driver puts on the indicator and pulls off the road. 

The shocking footage has now viral on Facebook with more than 1,400 comments and almost 7,500 shares. 

People have been quick to share their thoughts on who is in the wrong with opinion split between the Land Rover and BMW driver. 

Haley Ford said: 'Both idiotic drivers really. Well the BMW was the idot the Land Rover was just aggressive.'

Phil Monaghan posted: 'Serves him right trying to overtake than just sticking to the traffic.'

Jeremy Tregenna posted: 'Land Rover needs his licence taking off him. You just can't deliberately smash into another car cause they annoyed you. What if there was a baby in there.'

James Lawler said: 'The difficulty here is that the BMW driver has crossed the white line to try and get in front the second time. The Land Rover however should be prosecuted for basically using his car as a weapon.'