Lads are a hope for the future

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On Saturday, March 19, a group of Bloomers were helping tidy up the old garage site (now called Ladycroft Meadow) on St. Mary’s Lane, in Ecclesfield.

Along with tidying up, levelling soil, weeding, trees were also being planted, all in aid of Ecclesfield in Bloom.

Three young boys were passing on their cycles, asked what was going on and, when informed, asked if they could help. These young boys stayed for one-and-a-half hours helping out. They also helped sweeping up and even offered to help in our litter pick this coming weekend with Ecclesfield Scrubbers.

Each shook my hand and said goodbye to everyone.

Well, we the older end, are always quick to condemn the youngsters of today but this was a really nice experience,

The boys, Jacob McGrath, from Yewlands School and his friends Jonathon Houlding and Thomas Brooke, from Chaucer School, are all in year 7 and are a breath of fresh air and hope for the future.

Keith Fish, chairman, Ecclesfield in Bloom