Lack of an energy policy leaves me cold

Vince Middleton
Vince Middleton
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By a bizarre set of circumstances I find my self writing this from the make-up studio of a Turkish TV station.

It is interesting to see that Turkey are going through similar uncertainties over forthcoming elections.

Oh dear, the power has just failed, maybe they have adopted the UK’s energy policy, but seem to be ahead of us in implementing it.  

Our energy policy or complete lack of it, is why our five-year parliamentary term and a party system is not capable of delivering infrastructure that will keep us in the premier league where we belong.  

Ultimately the lack of the parties abilities to agree on long term strategic matters for the national good will certainly see us relegated to lower leagues.  

The political parties need to put the national needs before their own want for power.  

I wonder if a party knew that the nation would be better off without them would they yield, I doubt it.  

It would be nice if the next government would create legislation that enforced national strategic areas, such as power and transportation, which were agreed cross-party and for a 25-year term.  

Saying that 25 years, in many instances, will just be long enough to hold the public enquiry and planning appeals.  

Meanwhile, China will have built the equivalent of the entire UKs infrastructure several times over.

Until our public servants realise that they are paid by the nation to improve the nation’s lot and that requires them to take decisions and expose themselves to potential failures and rewarding successes then I am afraid progress will be sedentary, and our chances of staying in the premier league are dwindling.

Our public sector have turned into a nation of debaters, a talking shop, they have mastered the art of indecision and unaccountability.  

They seemed to think that “Yes Minister” was a training video not a satirical comedy.  

Talking of TV, my time at the station is coming to an end.

And in this chaotic world that is Turkey, I wonder how long it is before they are in the league above the UK.