Labour to move left?

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According to the latest polls, left-wing Labour stalwart Jeremy Corbyn looks like being a runaway winner as the next Labour Party leader, but don’t hold your breath.

Now, according to warmonger “blood on his hands” and Tory in disguise Tony Blair and his ally Alan Milburn (he’s the one that tried his hardest to get the private sector more involved in the NHS) that just won’t do.

When people like these two small-time ‘Tories’ start bleating that the left has no right to have a leader then you know they are panicking.

Blair was brought up in a true blue household and Milburn left Labour party office to earn more money working for private health care firms. That in itself tells us all we need to know about these two.

As for Blair suggesting people who back Corbyn need to have a heart or head transplant, it is rather rich coming from a man who sent hundreds of young men to their deaths in Iraq on a whim. Where was his heart?

We’ve got one Tory ‘nasty party’ we certainly do not want to encourage another – again.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74