Labour should have supported apprenticeships, not the workshy

David Blunkett is right in many respects about the value of Education Maintenance Allowances. However, there are young people staying on who would never make the grade academically.

Labour made a big mistake by not subsidising the apprenticeship scheme. When at school, I lived in a working class area. Our only way out was the 11-plus exam.

Six of us passed, out of 60, but two were not allowed to go on to grammar school by their parents. Both were girls and married by 18 with children.

Fortunately, the remaining four students' parents aspired for their own children to achieve their potential.

My parents found it hard to pay for uniforms and sports equipment etc. However, they were determined I would get the chances they had not had. I just wish they were here to see how their selflessness paid off. Their two grandchildren both have two degrees each, and their great-grandchildren show great promise.

This is not intended to denigrate less academic ability, as people are needed at all levels. Hence my support of the apprentice scheme.

If Labour had supported subsidies for apprentice schemes, instead of pouring money into the hands of the workshy, false benefit claimants and girls who see pregnancy as a lifestyle choice, young people would have a more positive view of the future.

My father, a staunch socialist, would turn in his grave if he saw the state of society.

Mrs V Revill, Belper

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