Labour should be fair to all

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Congratulations must go to Brendan Ingle and his daughter Bridget for their sterling work in securing a new £240,000 community centre for the Wincobank area. I know the incredible impact he has had on that community.

While I’m pleased that people in Wincobank have secured council funding for their community building, it’s a shame that other facilities in the city, like Stocksbridge Leisure Centre, have had funding slashed by Labour.

Why can money be found for new projects in some areas, while in others we are constantly told no resources are available. I fear this is a return to Labour’s favoured areas policy, in which vast swathes of Sheffield lose out.

Labour should be fair to all areas. They should find the money to restore the £200,000 cut to disabled facilities at Stocksbridge Leisure Centre, particularly as the leisure budget at Sheffield Town Hall is showing an underspend.

It’s disappointing that Stockbridge’s Labour councillor disagrees with me.

Jack Clarkson, Lib Dem Coun for Stocksbridge and Upper Don

Utter rubbish

Paul License ‘tells it straight?’ Utter rubbish!

In his piece about speed cameras Mr License subtly implies that only Labour- controlled councils employ these with the intent of making a ‘handsome profit’ out of ‘badgering motorists’. He chooses to ignore the fact that fines for illegal parking and speeding are nothing more than a voluntary contribution to the Exchequer by us (yes, I have been done) motorists.

The perfect way to get rid of these cameras is for us all to obey the laws regarding parking and speeding - but we won’t will we?

If, as Mr License does, I may mix my metaphors, this article was as straight as a corkscrew.

B Greatorex, Mount View Rd, S8

Ongoing saga

My ongoing saga with First buses and my (very small) mobility scooter took a surprising turn yesterday. A Stagecoach bus with neither a low floor nor a ramp arrived. I fully expected the driver to apologise and drive on. No, he got out of his cab and helped me lift it on. What a contrast with First!

Ian Wallace, Machon Bank Rd