Labour’s Toby Perkins is crowned Chesterfield’s MP with emphatic win

Victory for Labour's Toby Perkins
Victory for Labour's Toby Perkins
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Victorious Labour Party candidate Toby Perkins secured a second term as Chesterfield’s MP with one of the area’s biggest majorities in a General Election in decades.

The overnight count at Chesterfield’s Queen’s Park Sports Centre saw the MP clinch an emphatic 21,829 votes as the results were announced this morning, Friday, May 8.

Mr Perkins who first became MP in 2010 when he narrowly took the seat from the Lib Dems was however disappointed with Labour’s disappointing results and lack of gains nationally.

He said: “This is the biggest majority since the 1970s and we’re very proud. However if tonight teaches us anything it is that nothing is secure in politics and you’re only as good as your last performance so we will not take anything for granted over the next five years.”

He added: “The scale of this victory was beyond our expectations. It was a powerful endorsement of the work we’ve done and the work Labour has done in Chesterfield. It was a rejection of the Lib Dems and the divisive message of the UKIP Party, but it’s overshadowed by the prospect of a Tory Government.”

The Labour MP fought Conservative party member candidate Mark Vivis into second place after he received 8,231 votes and he was followed by UKIP’s Stuart Yeowart with 7,523 votes.

Mr Vivis said: “Coming second is a real achievement and I’m excited to see what will happen tomorrow. Elections are all about people up and down the country and people have spoken so let’s just go forward and continue to make Britain the great country it is.”

Lib Dem candidate Julia Cambridge who had hoped to become the area’s first woman MP suffered a disappointing night finishing fourth overall with 6,301 votes.

She said: “I would like to congratulate Toby Perkins. I have had some incredibly difficult times in Chesterfield but the warmth of the people has pulled me through.”

Green Party member Matt Genn received 1,352 votes to finish in fifth place.

TUSC’s Matt Whale got 202 votes and Peace Party member Tommy Holgate got 129 votes.

Mr Whale said: “It was the first time we stood in Chesterfield and we had a positive response on the street from people determined to fight back and we have declared a marker to fight cuts.”

Mr Holgate said: “I thought this would be like a pebble making a ripple in water but it’s been more like a grain of sand in the sea but we’re getting there.”

Chesterfield MP Mr Perkins thanked everyone who has been involved in what he described as “an amazing campaign” for the Chesterfield Labour Party.

He added: “What this shows is that politics is all about people and when people get together they take responsibility.

“I hope that the local elections will show people putting their faith in Labour.”

Nationally, David Cameron was looking increasingly like he was to become the next Prime Minister with a possible majority to secure a Conservative Government.

Reflecting on the national outcome of the General Election, Mr Perkins added: “It’s a bad night for people who rely on the NHS and for people affected by bedroom tax and it’s been a bad night for people coming to my surgery asking how they will be able to cope or face cuts in services.”

He added: “I’m very disappointed for so many people who will be poorly served by a Tory Government and that’s why people have supported us in such numbers.”