Labour’s Angela Smith doubles majority in Penistone and Stocksbridge - last seat to be declared

General election 2015 Sheffield count at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Angela Smith, Labour, wins the Penistone & Stocksbridge seat.
General election 2015 Sheffield count at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Angela Smith, Labour, wins the Penistone & Stocksbridge seat.
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Labour’s Angela Smith more than doubled her majority after retaining Penistone and Stocksbridge in the final Sheffield general election result.

The constituency was the last to be counted and confirmed, and is the largest seat as it covers parts of Barnsley.

Ms Smith led with 19,691 votes and a majority of 6,723 - compared to 2010, when her majority was 3,049.

Speaking after the results were declared at around 6am, she said: “It feels really good to have more than doubled the majority but I will not rest on my laurels.

“You cannot take majorities for granted nowadays and we’ll carry on working as hard as we can to deserve majorities like that.

“I feel happy, humbled, because as I said in my speech I never take elections for granted, ever. I always refuse to believe that I’ve won until I’ve actually seen the ballot paper on the table in front of me.

“It is a humbling experience.

“To voters I would like to say, thank you very much. I’m very grateful. I’ll work as hard for you as I can and do my best to represent you effectively in Westminster.”

Most of the media and count spectators had departed the English Institute of Sport in Attercliffe by the time Penistone and Stocksbridge was declared.

Although Labour retained its five seats across Sheffield, the party had a disappointing night nationally.

The Scottish National Party ousted Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and left the rival party with just one MP in Scotland.

Ms Smith added: “There is clearly a probkem with the rise of nationalism in the UK.

“My worry is, I think there is a much bigger question than why Labour didn’t break through nationally.

“I think there are questions around why it is that people feel compelled to support parties that practice, in my mind, a very narrow-minded nationalism.

“And we have to find a way of dealing with that.

“Because I believe very deeply in the United Kingdown, I believe in the union and I think our best interests are served as part of the union.

“So we need to think about how we get this country back on course.”

Ukip were understood to be targeting the Penistone seat after winning three councillors in the area at last year’s local elections, but the party’s candidate finished third behind the Conservative.

The former Penistone constituency was traditionally Conservative.

Ukip’s Graeme Waddicar secured 10,738 votes and Conservative Steven Jackson 12,986.

The seat had the fewest candidates of any in Sheffield, with just five standing.

Rosalyn Gordon, for the Liberal Democrats, secured 2,957 votes and Colin Porter from the English Democrats took home the lowest at 500.

The turnout was 66.45 per cent, slightly lower than it was in 2010, while most seats in Sheffield saw an increase in turnout.

Additional reporting by Patrick O’Connell.


Turnout 65.9 per cent


Angela Smith (Labour) 19,691

Steven Jackson (Con) 12,968

Graeme Waddicar (UKIP) 10.738

Rosalyn Gordon (Lib Dem) 2,957

Colin Porter (Eng Dem) 500