Labour rival says Nick Clegg is let down

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The Labour candidate fighting to oust Nick Clegg at the general election said the Lib Dem leader had ‘let people down’.

Rival Oliver Coppard was reacting to Mr Clegg’s first interview following the elections, in which he said he was ‘confident but not complacent’ about winning his Sheffield Hallam seat next year.

Mr Coppard criticised the Deputy Prime Minister for not coming to Sheffield to speak to voters in the aftermath and his party in ‘slashing’ Sheffield Council’s funding by £2 billion.

He said: “I was born here, I was raised here and I still live here.

“Sheffield is my home and if he thinks we will forget that he’s let us down because of a couple of sound bites now he’s in trouble, he’s got another think coming.”

“The ICM polling his colleagues in the Lib Dems leaked earlier this week show he’s lost over half his support here in Hallam, but that’s not a huge surprise to us.

“I’ve been speaking to people on the doorstep for over a year and the message I get back time and again is ‘Nick Clegg has let us down’.”