Labour MP fears car was sabotaged before he drove 200 miles along A1

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann
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ONE of the region’s most outspoken MPs has called in police after he drove 200 miles with wheel nuts missing from his car.

Labour MP John Mann fears his car may have been sabotaged.

He drove from London to his Bassetlaw constituency before discovering one of his car wheels had nearly fallen off.

Mr Mann said he and other drivers could have been killed on his journey up the A1.

The incident comes after his wife Jo White, who serves on Bassetlaw Council, received a dead bird through the post.

The campaigning MP, who is often critical of powerful interests, said he was worried if it was ‘sabotage that was personally directed’ - but said it may have been an aborted theft.

He struggled to control the car and noticed strange noises but thought they were coming from the engine.

It was only at the end of his trip that he found all four locking nuts had been removed from the wheels.

The hub cabs had been replaced on his 11-year-old Citroën, hiding the fact the nuts were missing.

Mr Mann said: “Either it was sabotage, or more likely, an attempt to steal the wheels, which was interrupted when the criminals went to get a van to take away the wheels.

“Either way it was cold and calculated.

“I already have a report of a similar recent crime in Worksop - though in this case the wheels were stolen.

“The morons responsible need catching - and somebody will know who they are - before they kill someone.

“The police call it a car crime, but in my mind this is attempted murder of anyone in the car and if it causes the car to plough into other traffic when the wheel comes off then the crime could be even more horrific.”

The theft happened when his car was parked outside his flat in Waterloo, south London on August 6/7.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “An allegation of theft from a motor vehicle has been recorded. No arrests at present.”

Mr Mann is an outspoken member of the Treasury Select Committee who has grabbed headlines with his robust questioning of senior bankers and government ministers.