Labour launches bid to tighten Sheffield Town Hall grip

Sheffield Labour councillors launch their 2012 local elections campaign
Sheffield Labour councillors launch their 2012 local elections campaign
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‘WE’LL stand up for Sheffield’.

That’s the rallying cry from Labour as the ruling party at Sheffield Council launched its bid to tighten its grip on power at the Town Hall.

Labour has a majority of 16 but 15 of 28 wards being contested this time are held by the Lib Dems and party insiders believe they could take at least half a dozen seats from the opposition group.

Labour is promoting its work establishing an apprenticeship programme creating 100 traineeships, restoring funding for more police community support officers and putting more money towards voluntary groups.

The party is proposing to double the number of apprenticeships and set up a ‘Keep Sheffield Working Fund’ to provide support to the economy as part of its manifesto.

Labour council leader Coun Julie Dore said: “Sheffield is facing extremely challenging times and the cuts that are coming from the Government are hitting our city hard.

“Whilst we have been hit with £170 million of cuts over the next four years, councils in the wealthiest parts of the country are receiving almost no cuts at all.

“This clearly shows the priorities of this Government and we are not all in this together. Whilst everyone in Sheffield is receiving a cut of £123 per person, in Richmond upon Thames it is just £4.”

She added: “In the past year Labour has tried to protect the most vulnerable in the face of this attack from the Government, however, local Liberal Democrat councillors have supported everything that Nick Clegg and this Government have done.

“We are standing up for Sheffield and fighting for our city by taking action to provide opportunities for young people, keeping our communities safe and protecting services for the most vulnerable in the face of this Government attack.”