Labour gains two seats in safe Barnsley wards

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Labour has gained two extra seats and won in every ward apart from two in Barnsley.

The party has now strengthened its majority on Barnsley Council.

Allan Hampson was elected in the North East ward and Richard Riggs elected in the Dodworth ward.

Labour held on to its previous 17 seats with councillors Martin Dyson, Linda Burgess, Alan Gardiner, Ralph Sixsmith, Tim Shepherd, Margaret Sheard, Anita Cherryholme, Chris Lamb, Roy Miller, Jenny Platts, Karen Dyson, Dick Wraith and Charlie Wraith all re-elected.

Ukip gained no seats but did come second in nine out of the 21 wards.

The Conservatives held on to two seats with Paul Hand-Davis and Andrew Milner elected in the Penistone East and West wards. The turnout was 56.2 per cent.

Before the election, Barnsley Council was made up of 53 Labour councillors, four Conservatives and six independents.

This has now changed to 55 Labour councillors, four independents and four Conservatives.

Barnsley’s parish elections in Brierley and Penistone saw Pat Doyle, Susan Hardwick, Ashley Peace and Davina McLeod elected to Brielrey Town Council in the Brierley ward and Oliver Denton, Judith Kimberley and Stephen Webber elected to Penistone Town Council in the Thurlstone and Millhouse ward.