Kristy’s bad luck is over after being crowned Miss South Yorkshire

Miss South Yorkshire Kristy Lowe
Miss South Yorkshire Kristy Lowe
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She looked a million dollars – but it was her family’s joy which made the night priceless for newly-crowned Miss South Yorkshire Kristy Lowe.

The 20-year-old was delighted to put a smile on her parents’ faces following a nasty spate of bad luck in which her mum was hospitalised after being hit by a bus.

Kristy said: “My mum got knocked over four years ago and a couple of other things happened around that time.

“It made things difficult and at that time it knocked my confidence so it’s a really nice confidence boost to win this.

“It’s really nice for our family to get something good.

“My dad got a new job on the same day as the final too, so that’s really good.”

Kristy’s mum Jane, now aged 47, was hit by a First Mainline bus in March 2010 when she was crossing The Wicker in Sheffield.

She was left with a fractured skull, pelvis and cheekbones.

But after a slow recovery she is now back at work at a high street bank.

“She has done really well,” said Kristy, who lives in Dore.

“She has a few things that hold her back but nothing major. She’s still smiling.”

Kristy, an interior design student at Northumbria University in Newcastle, won the Miss South Yorkshire title after impressing judges at the final during eco, fitness and ball gown rounds.

For the eco round, all the girls had to make a dress out of recyclable materials and Kristy chose to put hers together with newspapers.

“It didn’t take me that long,” she said.

“I just started folding and rolling and my dress appeared.

“I’ve always been quite creative. It just comes to me.

“I had some newspapers and then I used some from my mum and dad’s as well.

“They have a log fire and burn their newspapers but I was nicking it all before they could burn it!”

Kristy, supported by her mum, police officer dad Steve, 47, and sister Samantha, 17, will now go through to the Miss England contest in June.