Know Your Neighbour: Support our campaign and help community lunch club

Spires lunch club, at the Spires Centre, East Bank Road, Arbourthorne,
Spires lunch club, at the Spires Centre, East Bank Road, Arbourthorne,
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The team behind a lunch club which helps to combat loneliness in older people have backed our Know Your Neighbour campaign.

The Spire’s lunch club, at the Spires Centre, East Bank Road, was launched eight and a half years ago - and ever since then the weekly get together has been providing far more than just food for the people of Arbourthorne.

One of the people involved, Richard Dolan said the group backed our campaign to bring hope in to the community.

He said: “As an active community hub we are passionate about our community and support any and all initiatives to bring community focus within the city.”

At present, the team of volunteers at the lunch club prepare a meal for around 30 people every week, and attendees are then invited to take part in a group game or activity.

Activities include music performances and sing-a-longs, bingo and sporting activities, such as Zumba and ‘chairobics’ - the seated version of aerobics.

Running every Wednesday between 11am and 2pm the Spires lunch club is a place where many people have found friendship where they would otherwise have very little opportunity to meet with others.

Phyllis Brough has been at the lunch club from the very start and she has very fond memories of her time there.

She said: “When I came to the Spires lunch club I found new friendships with people I had never met before and the dinners are good too. It’s one of the few occasions I get to go out every week and it’s a lifeline for me.”

The lunch club was started by Steve and Ruth Spink in Christmas 2008 as a one-off special Christmas dinner , but it soon grew into a regular event.

Steve said: “We wanted people who weren’t able to get out to spend time with similar people, but we have now got to a point where we are actually older than some of the punters who come to the lunch club so now is the time to handover to someone younger.”

The club is to be taken over by Becky Hansen, but the team are in need of volunteers to ensure it is sustainable in the future.

If you would like to volunteer for The Spires lunch club on a rota basis, please call 0114 241 6786.

If you would like to join our Know Your Neighbour campaign, please e-mail