Know Your Neighbour: Communities join forces to back campaign

Know your neighbour campaign launch at The Star
Know your neighbour campaign launch at The Star
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Community activists, imams and a member of the youth council are just some of the people who have pledged to support The Star’s Know Your Neighbour campaign.

Ahead of our official campaign launch yesterday, we invited members of the community, of all job positions and ages, to our office to share their views.

Know your neighbour campaign launch at The Star

Know your neighbour campaign launch at The Star

More than 20 people attended to back the campaign, which aims to reduce loneliness and encourage people to take pride in where they live.

Among them were Hannah Hunt, from charity Age Better, Darnall community activists Sylvia and Neil Hamilton and representatives from South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

Also showing their support were Iman Sheikh Mohammad Ismail, Muslim Chaplain at the University of Sheffield, Patrick Meleady, manager of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, Coun Jack Scott and Youth Council representative Sapha Habib.

Mr Ismail said: “It’s an excellent opportunity for all of us, as Sheffielders, to come together.

“We are very lucky here, we are a very unique city with lots of different people. I hope that this will be a success for all the communities. I think it’s a good initiative and I will fully support it.”

Mr Meleady said: “This is a simple but exciting project. It will provide a beacon of hope to strengthen our fantastic communities and at the inspirational launch event it was refreshing to see so many Sheffield people who care for our great city come together.”

Coun Scott said he hoped the campaign would reignite the community spirit seen in the city decades ago.

He said: “Twenty to 30 years ago, people worked together, joined a trade union together and went to the pub together. These things were the glue that held communities together. Now, people work in different places, trade unions don’t exist and pubs have closed, but we need to find a way of getting that glue back because it improved the feel of society. The council will do all it can to help.”

Carrie Goodwin, of South Yorkshire Police, added: “Strong neighbourhoods prevent crime and also help us to detect it when it does occur so we need to get them back.”

The campaign, devised by The Star, The Pakistani Muslim Centre and Link FM, runs until September.