Knitting needles click clicking away for Christmas

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The needles of Netherby Knit and Natter group are clicking round the clock as knitters prepare for a Christmas sale in support of St Luke’s Hospice.

The knitting circle was launched by Jill Driskell after her son Will was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011. It was Will who encouraged Jill to take up knitting and, following his death, it became a hobby that grew into a great fundraising idea, already contributing over £2,000 to hospice funds.

Now the group is holding a Christmas sale, on November 9 at 231 Abbey Lane from 10am onwards, when items for sale will include Christmas decorations, baby and children’s toys, household goods and stocking fillers.

Susie Jackson from the hospice said: “Groups like Nertherby Knit and Natters really do make an enormous contribution.”