Knifing pair jailed for 38 years

Zabir Hussain convicted of attempted murder
Zabir Hussain convicted of attempted murder
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TWO cousins who knifed a relative repeatedly as he sat in his car on a Sheffield street have been locked up for 19 years each.

Terrified Mubasher Yasin, aged 27, had to curl into a ball to protect himself as a barrage of blows ‘rained down on him’.

He thought he would die as blood ‘poured’ from his body. Mr Yasin suffered a punctured lung and slices to his arms, hands, head and leg.

His wife’s cousins - Adeel Din, 21, and Zabar Hussain, 24 - were found guilty of attempted murder by a unanimous jury at Sheffield Crown Court.

Only months before the stabbing, Hussain’s own wedding reception had been disrupted by a gunman who opened fire on a room full of 450 guests at the Sheffield Park Hotel in Meadowhead.

Mazhar Nawab, of Vickers Road, Firth Park, was locked up last month for six years. The 40-year-old claimed he had discovered a plot to attack him at the wedding last March.

The court was told there was ‘ill-feeling’ within the whole extended family.

Five months later, newlywed groom Hussain carried out the joint attack on Mr Yasin, using combat knives or kitchen knives with six-inch blades.

Richard Sheldon, prosecuting, said the motive was unknown - but there was certainly ‘no love lost’ between the parties.

A few weeks earlier Hussain had warned his victim: “We are going to kill you.”

Mr Yasin was sitting in his car with his brother on Barretta Street, Fir Vale, when the pair ambushed him with knives.

Judge Simon Lawler QC told the cousins: “You knew where to go and you armed yourselves. You took knives to the scene with the intention of carrying out the attack. There were two of you and it all took place in public.

“You carried out a joint attack. It was deliberate, it was determined and it was a surprise attack on a man who was vulnerable and defenceless.

“The first blow took him totally off guard and it was that blow which penetrated his lung. He bled profusely and his lung collapsed. Had he not been just minutes from the Northern General Hospital one wonders whether he would have survived.”

He told them the attack was so potentially deadly he would have jailed them for only one extra year had he been sentencing them for murder.

“It is quite clear from the location of the subsequent injuries that you intended to do him a lot more damage,” he said. “In fact the jury has found you specifically intended to kill.”

Din, of Goddard Hall Road, Fir Vale, and Hussain, West Quadrant, Firth Park, had their faces partially covered when they forced open the car door and both launched their attack.

Mr Yasin said he recognised his wife’s cousins immediately by their eyes.

Hussain and Din had been regular visitors to Mr Yasin’s home in the past, but they had fallen out 15 months earlier when Din suffered a serious head injury at the hands of Mr Yasin.

But Judge Lawler said there was no ‘degree of provocation’ for the horrifying knife attack, adding neither cousin had shown any remorse.