Kind to people, kind to animals

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Mrs S Bower (Feb 3) criticised Mrs B Hemmingway for complaining about the cruelty inflicted on animals.

Since God created both animals and humans, they should be regarded as equally important as all life is precious and, therefore, cruelty to either is unacceptable.

Some people who have ill-treated children have also tortured animals. Many serial killers started out this way. The death penalty should be reinstated for anyone who takes a life, human or animal. But as for punishment, the courts are far too lenient.

Perhaps, like myself, Mrs Hemmingway views the behaviour of the human race as a whole with disgust and prefers animals. However, I am also saddened to see the suffering of innocent children but, whichever way you look at it, those who are kind to animals are nearly always the kindest to human beings.

Susan I Richardson, S10