A kind deed for charity

Referring to Wendy Watkins' letter on Thursday, January 11, re St Luke's charity shop staff turning down donations in a rude manner.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 5:16 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 5:25 am

On the same day, I was browsing in the RSPCA shop across the road from St Luke’s shop at Crookes, when the same thing occurred.

A couple came in with some bags of things to donate, and while I or anyone can understand that at times, shops become inundated with donations and only have limited storage space, I was appalled at the abrupt way the woman behind the counter turned these down, saying we’ve got enough at the moment’.

The public won’t know the ins and outs of running and stocking a charity shop, these people would have thought they were doing a kind deed for charity.

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The staff, however, should know that goodwill towards the public will result in future donations and custom, maybe at a quieter time of year when they are crying out for donations.

So that’s St Luke’s and the RSPCA shop off my buying and donating list.

J Barnes

Hillsborough, Sheffield 6

Tour de Yorkshire

Being a regular reader of The Star, I was pleased to read in your news that the route planned for this year’s “Tour de Yorkshire” will be coming through Hatfield.

This is good news for Hatfield because High Street will have to be resurfaced as it has raised and sunken manholes and road crossings. This is our one and only chance to have it repaired.

John Brown

Town Councillor, Hatfield-Woodhouse

I for one am very proud

How ironic. In the very same edition of the Star in which Susan Richardson attacks me for supporting and defended Amey and their work renovating our highways, we read that three highway trees have been blown down by recent winds one crushing a car and writing it off, fortunately not hurting anyone.

These are not the only trees that have been brought down by strong winds over the past 12 months.

Given the fact that more than 200 households have made claims to Amey as a result of tree damage, it would appear that the independent survey carried out back in 2006/7 which found that 75 per cent of Sheffield trees were either mature or over mature and expressed concern over their future, is beginning show they were right to express such concerns.

This is why the city and Amey cannot just rely on arboriculturists, they have to take on board advice from, highway engineers, drainage engineers, structural engineers and professionals who work with the elderly and people with disabilities.

Susan Richardson claims to be an environmentalist yet she criticises the “horrible LED street lighting”, totally ignoring the fact that they are 70 per cent more efficient and use half the power with energy savings of 30-40 per cent with significant reductions in CO2.

Manchester is replacing 8,000 fewer lamps than Sheffield and estimates that it will save 15,000 tons of carbon.

Do you believe in the environment or not, Susan?

She then goes on to be very selective when quoting from my letter and says it is “irrelevant how many new trees have been planted”.

Well I am sorry, but some of us believe in investing in the future for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and you know there are experts who claim that large tree canopies do more to keep in the pollution, in particular nitrogen oxides from cars by restricting dispersal.

Well, I repeat what I wrote last time.

Sheffield has more trees now (including highway trees) than it has ever had in its history, around four million, making us still the greenest most tree-covered city in the UK and I am very proud of that.

Councillor Peter Price


Try living on estate

So Nick Clegg seems to think that drug addicts should not be called crackheads or junkies.

Why are police being told to go easy on them?

I suggest he goes and live a few days on some of the housing estates and places these people live and see what they do to law-abiding people and the misery they go through .

But that won’t happen will it? He lives in a cocooned world so it’s time he shut up .

We moved because of the druggies and anti-social behaviour.

By the way I cannot call him sir. I’m trying to find out what was special about him.

PH Siddall


Criticism again

I see Susan Richardson has soon got back into writing not one but two boring repeat letters .

Has she noticed a change in the air quality at Lodge Moor since a few trees have gone and has she not been keeping up with the papers saying hundreds more trees will be planted than felled?

If she is so obsessed with the tree canopies she should have a walk round the parks and woodlands we have and admire them in their natural surroundings, not on streets that were originally fields and cart tracks.

Graham Barnett


One more evil monster

John Worboys getting out of prison says it all. What is wrong with the British justice system?

The crimes he’s been convicted of are vile, he should have been locked up with the keys thrown away.

He was sentenced to life, so why is this disgusting excuse of a human now going to be walking the streets again?

Anyone convicted of sex crimes isn’t fit to live with the rest of the decent population. One more evil monster back on the streets.

I hope the people who made this crazy decision can rest easy at night.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Education and books

Maybe Graham Barnett should have read more books, then maybe he would be able to spell correctly.