Killer wanted to be locked up for safety

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After Bonser was jailed, Prof Cantrill visited her in prison to discuss her views about the services provided for her since her childhood.

Although she found it difficult to recollect some periods of growing up, she blamed difficulties created by being part of a family that was influenced by the impact of religious views.

She talked about the verbal and sexual abuse that she experienced and the difficult relationship she had with her brother.

Prof Cantrill said: “She cannot remember ever being able to talk to a social worker about her situation and resents the fact that she was left in the home environment.

“She remembers feeling that she was very different from all the other children and how she felt isolated.

“Bonser did not feel anyone cared about her or that she could discuss her situation with anyone as she grew up.

“As she got older and needed support from the mental health services she found again that people did not listen.

“She gradually began to get more afraid that someone was going to hurt her and this got worse during 2011. She asked for help but felt people did not listen or take her seriously.

“She asked to be locked up as she was afraid that she might hurt someone.”

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