Killer of Sheffield massage parlour boss used ‘severe force’ during attack, court told 

Jill Hibberd
Jill Hibberd

The killer of a Sheffield massage parlour boss stabbed 70 times ‘all over her body’ is believed to have used ‘severe force’ during the attack, a court heard.

Neighbours found 73-year-old Jill Hibberd, who ran the Fantasia massage parlour in Attercliffe, dead in a pool of blood at her home on May 31 this year. 
The Crown allege Lee Fueloep inflicted Ms Hibberd’s fatal injuries during a violent confrontation that took place at her home between 7.20pm and 9pm the previous evening, before rifling through her handbag and stealing her Audi TT vehicle. 

Pathologist, Naomi Carter, said that in addition to the 70 external stab wounds Ms Hibberd sustained in the attack, she was also left with internal damage to her heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, diaphragm and left lung. 

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“Ms Hibberd has died as a result of blood loss and breathing difficulties caused by damage to the lung and chest wall,” said Dr Carter.

When prosecutor, Kama Melly QC, asked Dr Carter about the level of force Ms Hibberd’s killer used during the attack, she said it was ‘difficult to give an assessment of the level of force used during a stabbing’.

However, she said she believed that some of the injuries would have been inflicted with ‘severe force’ due to the fact the weapon used in the attack had cut through bone, including part of the spine. 

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Ms Melly asked Dr Carter whether the evidence suggested both parties involved would have been moving, or ‘dynamic’, during the confrontation at Ms Hibberd’s home in Roy Kilner Road, Wombwell.

Dr Carter responded: “Given the fact there are stab wounds all over the body, I think that suggests a dynamic aspect, so movement from both parties.”

She told the jury of seven women and five men that Ms Hibberd was also found to have ‘groupings’ of stab wounds on her body, which Dr Carter said suggested there also would have been times during the attack when she was not moving. 

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Dr Carter told the court that Ms Hibberd also had what she described as ‘defensive injuries’ to her forearms and hands.

Ms Kelly told the court there was a knife with a 12.5cm long blade missing from a set owned by Ms Hibberd, and asked Dr Carter whether it was possible her injuries could have been inflicted with such a weapon. 

“That’s a possibility, but I can’t rule out the possibility that more than one knife was used,” said Dr Carter. 

Jurors heard last week that after being arrested by police, Fuelop said he attended Ms Hibberd’s house on the night of her murder because he was ‘desperate for money’, but said she was already dead when he arrived. 

Fueloep, 40, of Willow Garth, Wombwell denies murdering Ms Hibberd. 

The trial continues.