Killer must spend life in jail, says victim’s mum

Reema Ramzan
Reema Ramzan
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The heartbroken mother of a ‘happy, kind, caring young woman’ decapitated by her boyfriend in Sheffield has branded her killer an ‘evil monster’ – and hopes he is never freed from jail.

Shemem Ramzan spoke after Aras Hussein, left, aged 21, was found guilty by a jury at Sheffield Crown Court of murdering 18-year-old college student Reema Ramzan. Reema was still alive when the paranoid schizophrenic cut off her head with a kitchen knife.

He was yesterday jailed for life, and must serve a minimum of 20 years.

Mrs Ramzan said she lies in bed every night thinking about the horrifying attack, and wondering if her daughter called out for her in her final moments.

She said: “When I was told my daughter had been murdered – and when it was explained what had happened and how she died – my life was gone. It stopped that day.

“I think about how frightened she must have felt. How alone she was. I think about the injury to her neck and what evil monster could do this to a young girl. My hope is he is never released.”

The attack happened at Hussein’s flat in Herries Road, Shirecliffe, last June.

After stabbing and then decapitating Reema, pizza delivery driver Hussein knifed himself in the chest, then ran naked into the street covered in blood.

His lawyers argued he was suffering from schizophrenia, and he admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

But the prosecution said he had no history of mental illness. He is believed to be suffering schizophrenia now.

Jailing Hussein, Judge Mrs Justice Laura Cox said it was a ‘chilling and brutal attack’. She said Reema had ‘everything to live for’.

Reema’s mum said her daughter, a student at Sheffield College, ‘was not just a beautiful girl to look at, but good, kind and beautiful inside’ too.

She said: “She was always smiling and we loved her so much. We miss her every day and not a moment goes by we do not think of her.Words cannot describe the pain we feel not having her here.

“We couldn’t have wished for a more loving and caring daughter and sister.

“We don’t think we will ever get over losing Reema, and we just wish we could have her back, just one more time, to hold her and say goodbye.”

Widowed Mrs Ramzan said before her daughter’s death her home in Kashmir Gardens, Darnall, was full of happiness and noise. She would listen to Reema and her sister talking and singing and watch them doing each other’s hair and nails.

“There is now no noise in my house,” she said. “There is no fun or happiness, only upset and crying.”

Reema’s brother Sohail said he blamed himself and wished he could have done more to protect her.

The court heard Hussein had blackmailed Reema by taking sexual photographs of her and threatening to show her family if she broke up with him.