Killer freed to rape in Sheffield

Convicted killer: Kajus Scuka carried out horrific attacks near Meadowhall.
Convicted killer: Kajus Scuka carried out horrific attacks near Meadowhall.
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A CONVICTED wife-killer from the Czech Republic was allowed to enter the UK freely and move to Sheffield - where he raped and sexually assaulted four terrified women.

Police, the former Home Secretary and a judge today expressed outrage that Kajus Scuka was free to carry out his horrifying assaults near Meadowhall.

In the Czech Republic he had stabbed his wife to death, and served jail time for sexually assaulting a woman while threatening her with an axe.

Detective Sergeant Ian Harding, who led the investigation, said Scuka had been living in Sheffield since 2009 - but it wasn’t until he was arrested last year that South Yorkshire Police were even aware of his presence.

David Blunkett MP, in whose constituency the attacks took place, said he was ‘alarmed’ Scuka slipped through the net.

“If he came into the country in 2009 he should have been picked up,” he said. “It alarms me greatly that he was not.”

Scuka, who was jailed for life, must serve at least 12 years behind bars - and might never be released.

Sentencing him, Judge Peter Kelson QC told Sheffield Crown Court there would be ‘public abhorrence’ that, under EU migration rules, Scuka had been free to come and go.

He told him: “I have no doubt the public will be terribly alarmed to find that, even with your convictions for murder and sexual assaults, you were free to enjoy the same freedom of movement as any other EU citizen.”

Jurors who took six hours to find Scuka guilty of rape and three sexual assaults looked shocked as it was revealed he had served 11 years in a Czech prison for murdering his wife in the 1990s in a row about his infidelity.

He had another previous conviction for gross indecency.

Judge Kelson told the 47-year-old, of Hinde Street, Grimesthorpe: “You are plainly a man unwilling to control his sexual urges, and you are plainly a grave danger to women.”

Recommending Scuka be deported the moment he is released, Judge Kelson said the offences were so serious only a life sentence was justified.

Det Sgt Harding said he was ‘overjoyed’ with the sentence, and so were the victims, but added: “It is a concern people of this nature can move freely about the EU without restriction.

“He is an extremely dangerous man - a predator. He was persistent in his actions and presented a growing danger to all women wherever he was at liberty.”