Killer Freed: Detective praised as monster is taken off the streets

'Expertly conducted': Det Sgt Ian Harding is praised by the judge after a successful investigation.
'Expertly conducted': Det Sgt Ian Harding is praised by the judge after a successful investigation.
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PREDATORY sex fiend Kajus Scuka had already tried to attack two women in Sheffield when he raped a 54-year-old mum on her birthday.

The vile brute ‘barrelled’ into her as she walked her dog on playing fields in Wincobank, dragged her to the ground, slapped her, ripped off her clothes and threatened her with a knife.

She wept with relief in the public gallery at Sheffield Crown Court as Scuka, 47, was jailed for life.

In an emotional victim impact statement read to the court, she said she had lost self confidence and dignity.

“The man who did this to me will never know what a devastating effect his actions have had on my life,” she said.

Afterwards she said Scuka’s conviction had at least ‘restored her faith in the British justice system’.

Michael Smith, prosecuting, said Scuka’s campaign of sex attacks started in Sheffield in March 2010 - only a few months after he arrived in the UK.

In his first, he grabbed a grandmother as she pushed her granddaughter in a buggy along Barnsley Road.

In April, his second victim was walking along the River Don near Meadowhall when he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her towards bushes, offering her £30 for sex.

She broke free and fled - but Judge Peter Kelson QC said Scuka ‘plainly had rape in mind’.

Just an hour later he raped the woman walking her dog.

The judge told Scuka: “She thought she was going to die. This was an attack on a complete stranger in a public park during daylight, a park frequented by children.”

A month later Scuka, who had been living on Hinde Street, Grimesthorpe, fled Britain after he was stopped by police during a routine stop and search. But he returned to the UK last year, and in May he struck again.

His fourth victim was a woman in her 20s whom he grabbed in Firth Park. She told police: “I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be raped.”

But her quick-thinking meant Scuka was arrested just half a mile from the scene. Fibres from his coat were later found on her clothing and DNA matched samples taken from the rape victim.

The judge commended Det Sgt Ian Harding, and investigator Brian Kenyon from South Yorkshire Police, who conducted the investigation. He said their work was “expertly conducted” and “resulted in a very dangerous man being taken off the streets”.