Killer a ladies man - court

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A SOUTH Yorkshire music teacher who killed his partner and put her body in a suitcase in his garage was described in court as a ‘ladies man’.

A statement from Geoff Whitfield, director of Take Two music school in Barnsley, was read out at the trial of Andrew Lindo, 29, who has admitted the manslaughter of Marie Stewart.

A jury at Bradford Crown Court has heard how Lindo admitted he strangled, battered and stabbed Miss Stewart, 30.

He then put her body in a suitcase and left it in his garage where it was not found for almost two months.

Lindo denies murdering Miss Stewart.

The trial has heard how he was working as a self-employed voice tutor at the Take Two academy, in Barnsley.

Yesterday the jury heard a statement from Take Two director Mr Whitfield, who said he was also a sub-postmaster.

Mr Whitfield said Lindo started work at the centre in September 2008 after he was recommended by another tutor.

He said Lindo was very likeable, chatty and confident.

Mr Whitfield said: “I would say he was a ladies man. He certainly felt comfortable in the company of ladies.”

He said he thought of Lindo as a reliable tutor.

Mr Whitfield’s wife Susan, who is also a director, said Lindo was very charming, confident and chatty.

Lindo’s next-door neighbour Louise Shackleton described the defendant, Miss Stewart and their two young children as a normal, everyday, happy family.

But she described an incident when she saw Lindo outside his house picking up clothes which Miss Stewart was throwing out of an upstairs window.

Prosecutors allege Lindo was living a double life in the run-up to him killing Miss Stewart on December 18, last year, at their home on Perseverance Place, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

The trial will resume on Monday morning.