Kill NHS, then resurrect it to save £1m a day

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Kill the NHS stone dead. It is not fit for the purpose it was intended for.

Now before you all have a heart attack let me explain because none of the political parties will. Our NHS is being hijacked by welfare health tourism

No, you cannot have your heart pill because the lady from Nigeria in bed five has just delivered six IVF children and needs some quiet.

Can I have a liver transplant? How much money have you? Cancer drugs are rationed by postcode.

Our health service is being ripped apart by Westminster public servants obeying the demands of Europe and it must stop.

Kick it into touch, then resurrect it, adding the caveat that only NHS or National Insurance number-holders with a landline phone number or employer details will be considered for call-out.

That would save us about £1 million per day.

Simon Church

Woodseats S8