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Sometime in life there is a twist of fate and you get what you wish for, but with the added unscripted version.

The Aston Villa v WBA FA Cup quarter-final involved the shortest journey between all the quarter-finalists. It was played at 5.30pm on Saturday finishing around 7.30pm when the Saturday night Birmingham City centre revellers start coming to town.

Birmingham City supporters coming back from Derby arrived back around 6.30pm.

People talk of policing and stewarding, but the fact is television companies dictate when kick-offs will take place.

It used to be the police authorising kick-offs due to pub opening hours but now you can get a drink any time so that excuse holds no water.

The police obviously did not want all this activity culminating at once in one city, with their resources already stretched.

Until the criticism of the Premiership, FA cohering with TV companies, football clubs relying on coverage and the police having no option then do not sympathise.

Phillip Jowett

Norton Lees, S8