Kerb-crawlers caught hits all-time high during Sheffield prostitution crackdown

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The largest number of kerb crawlers Sheffield has seen – including a professional footballer and a special constable – have been caught trying to pick up prostitutes in the city centre in the last 15 months.

A total of 75 men have been cautioned or taken to court – including three men caught in the act by officers in one night last week.

A prostitute at work

A prostitute at work

And up to 240 prostitutes are thought to be getting help from Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project.

The Star joined South Yorkshire Police’s vice team on patrol for an exclusive insight into the red light district around Neepsend and Shalesmoor.

On one night, in less than three hours even before dark, police found eight prostitutes out on the streets.

And the number of men out looking for prostitutes may be even higher than estimates suggest – because the figures would be even higher if everyone who saw kerb crawling reported the problem.

Police are encouraging more passers-by to report the problem in the city centre.