Kerb appeal to make your house stand out

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 14th November 2017, 11:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th November 2017, 11:38 am

Anyone with a property to sell is advised to use good kerb appeal to make a strong first impression.

“In today’s competitive property market you need to make sure your home stands out," advises Antony Gibson, sales director at Romans estate agency.

“You often only have one chance to give potential buyers the right impression; whether they’re driving past your home or scrolling through properties online," he added.

“Start by looking at your home from a visitor’s point of view; something as simple as repainting the front door or mowing the lawn can make all the difference.”

Read these five simple tips to give your home the kerb appeal it deserves in just one day:

1. Turn your front door into a feature

The front door is the focal point of your property’s kerb appeal, so turn it into a statement. Instead of replacing the door you can save money by repainting your existing door with a fresh new colour that compliments the house, and make sure you clean the knob and check the doorbell works.

2. Replace old hardware

Check your house numbers, letter box, and entry door lockset are all clean, in full working order, and function collectively. If you have a welcome mat, ensure it is actually welcoming by giving it a good clean or replacing it, if necessary. These small details will help your front door become a feature and add style and interest to the exterior of your house.

3. Create symmetry

Symmetry is simple to achieve and is very pleasing to the eye. If your front door, or porch area, is dressed with pot plants, ensure there is an equal number on each side, and any outdoor lighting often looks better in pairs.

4. Lead them up the garden path

If you have a path leading up to your front door make sure there are no potential trip hazards, especially as first viewings often happen in the early evenings when it’s darker. You could also install some outdoor solar-powered lighting, which will clearly illuminate the path, as well as adding to the kerb appeal. Plus, you can always take them with you to your next home!

5. Create a front garden

If your property doesn’t have the luxury of a landscaped front garden then you can easily create your own with some container plants or window boxes. You can buy these ready-made from your local garden centre or if you have green fingers then why not make some yourself?