Keith on Walk of Fame

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WE would also like to nominate Keith Roe to be featured on the Walk of Fame in recognition of the excellent entertainment he has delivered over the years.

Also we’d like to thank his mum, Margaret, for her hard work as ticket secretary.

Mrs Hedley, family and friends, Parson Cross

Still want him to go?

I AM so pleased to see both Sheffield clubs doing well this season and hope they can continue in the same form. It would be great for the city if they could both get promotion.

What baffles me is where are the Sheffield United supporters who were demonstrating against Danny Wilson’s appointment? Do they still want him to go?


Two brilliant shows

I’ve just been to two brilliant shows. The first was Babushka at Stannington Village school, which my six-year-old granddaughter Phoebe attends. The six- and seven-year-olds all remembered their words. The next was at Bents Green Special School which my grandson Daniel attends. It was full of music, song, dance and fun and really puts us in the Christmas spirit.

E Holden, Rangeley Road, Sheffield

Send smaller cards

A READER said they had to pay extra postage on a letter they received. I also had to pay £1.12p before the Royal Mail would deliver a Christmas card to me.

The problem was it was too thick to go through a 5mm slot. The card had a small picture on the front which was raised up from the original card. The answer to all this would be to send smaller and thinner cards.

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