Keeping track of law breakers

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MEMBERS of the public could be forgiven for an initial feeling of alarm at learning today that there are more than 1,000 ‘dangerous’ criminals walking the streets of South Yorkshire.

But we need to look further than the headline figure and realise that this represents local law enforcement agencies keeping track of offenders once they have served their prison terms but who need to be kept under surveillance of one sort or another.

And from that people ought to be finding a source of comfort.

These offenders have completed their time behind bars but are believed to be in danger of re-offending.

It is, therefore, only right that the police and their law enforcement partners should keep track of the activities of these individuals.

To do otherwise would be irresponsible and leave them open to accusation of letting down the public.

There is no secret that these former prisoners are kept under watch. So we hope that this helps them in turning their back on their former ways.

City’s innovative spirit on track

SHEFFIELD has long enjoyed a reputation as a frontrunner in the field of innovation. So it is only right that the city should be represented in the UK’s largest single sustainable energy project.

The Isle of Wight’s EcoIsland consortium brings together leading companies who will be generating renewable energy from wind, solar, tidal and geothermal sources.

Among them is the Sheffield-based research and development arm of ITM Power, which will be producing means of powering vehicles on the island using hydrogen fuel as well as petrol and electricity.

This is a far-reachng project which will be attracting much attention as it progresses. So we are delighted that some of that interest will be reflected back towards Sheffield.


TEENAGER Ashley Allot had a difficult childhood. But he has shown that this is not unsurmountable after receiving an Aagrah Breakthrough Award which recognises the determination of young people to overcome their personal circumstances. One of the main features of Ashley’s success story is how he went out of his way to find organisations which were able to help him turn his life around. This showed great determination on this young man’s part to succeed and we wish him well as he sets out on a life very different from that offered him by fate.