Keeping business within the family at Sheffield's Moor Market

Some say the people they work with become like a family, but some traders at the Moor Market they really are.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:51 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:58 pm

Workers at Smith and Tissingtons and Coffee @ Moor Market work alongside their parents, siblings and in-laws every day - and it seems their close connections are part of their success and charm.

Nicholas Tissington, aged 27, runs Coffee @ Moor Market. His parents, Paul and Deborah, run Smith and Tissingtons alongside brother Matthew.

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Nicholas, aged 27, said: 'I have worked on the fish stall with my mum, dad and brother in the old Castle Market, but I have a passion for coffee.

'My stall has been open for nearly five years, it is mainly run by me and my girlfriend Jessica but Jessica's sister Josie and mother Lisa also do a few days a week.

'They put extra care and attention the business that is hard to find elsewhere.'

Nicholas prides himself on offering customers reasonably priced tasty coffee and  takeaway drinks.

Over at Smith and Tissington, dad Paul, aged 66, mum Deborah, age 53, and younger brother Matthew, age 25, sell fresh fish, fresh poultry and fresh eggs.

The stall has been in the Tissington family for 65 years, with Paul following is his father's footsteps to become a market trader.

The family believe there are great benefits to working alongside their nearest and dearest.

Nicholas said: 'You can tell them how it really is and they tell you how it really is. There's always the odd argument and  disagreements but never anything too serious. Knowing that they are trustworthy, hardworking and reliable is the best thing about working with family.'

Paul added: 'With family, you know you all have the same interests and you can all trust each other. When Deborah and I go away on holiday we still ring Matthew every day and did jobs to help him. We're family, it's just what you do.'

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Collectively, both stalls have been in business for around seventy years, but they still value each customer, and make sure they offer a personal service.

Paul said: 'Every day, you are still pleased when you make that first sale in a morning. It's particularly nice when you have a customer at 8.01am.

'We do get to know our customers and sometimes you can have some banter with them which is nice.'

Nicholas added: 'Weather it's a 50p or £50 sale, all sales help keep the business viable and makes the long hours and hard work worth it. Happy and smiling customers are the most important thing.'

Another market trader who enjoys working alongside family members is Pardeep Sumal, who runs Continental Foods with his wife Sony.

The stall, which has been in the Sumal family for over 30 years, specialises in foods around the world.

Proud Pardeep said: 'With it being a family business, it means that it is your life. Sony and I love working we each other. We trust each other and it makes us strong.

'We love that we know the majority of our customers, and have seen many of them go from being in prams to being parents themselves.'

The Gallery family have been running their business for decades. Slattery's Butchers has been running around 20 years, but they provide so much more than fresh cuts of meat.

They also offer cooking tips and recipes to their customers, who are a variety of ages.

The business is run by John Gallery and his son and daughter. John's niece also works in the shop on a Saturday.

John said: 'We like to think that we can accommodate tastes from every budget and nationality.

'We have a particularly good rapport with our student customers, many of whom ask us for cookery tips and recipes.'