Keep looking up, Vin

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Vin Malone doesn’t mince his words (June 26) regarding council proposals to improve the city.

The proposals referred to aren’t new but have been around for ages and its difficult to ascertain which particular council think tank conjured them up.

What do they give us? Well a city centre that’s a bigger contrast between the sublime – railway station approaches, Peace Gardens, Riverside, Norfolk Park, to the appalling Castle Green/Waingate area – than I’ve known in my almost 63 years of being a Sheffielder.

Even the Moor is freshening up.

The proposed toilet rising out of the ground outside the Peace Gardens never got out of the ground.

In Lincoln there are two loos within 400 yards – spotless and being cleaned – Sheffield can’t even demolish ones that have been closed.

Anyway Vin, the Fargate roof won’t go up – there’s not enough plastic guttering in Wickes.

Too many tower blocks Vin – the mean streets have gone with their sense of community but the young professionals and students add value when they live, work and play amongst us.

So keep looking up Vin, for you are right – without our history we are nowt.

Our empty Georgian town houses and surviving little mesters provide little artistic collectives oases in a centre that’s really a bit soulless sometimes, and a sort of urban campus.

Ron Clayton