Kano, Plug

IT'S not the first time Kano's come to town, but it is his first visit with two albums' worth of material to plunder.

As he (repeatedly) tells us, London Town is the name of his latest offering and this album's got plenty of smooth RnB tunes to make the screaming girls in the front row swoon.

And it's not just the tracks that have them doing that special fairground-ride-squeal that only teenage girls really do well - a cheeky smile here, a bit of flirting there, and then he takes off his sunglasses to reveal his Brown Eyes…and he's got them hypnotised.

Current single This is the Girl has everyone moving - and not just the girls - but Kano's more than just a one-trick pony, moving easily from hard and heavy to out-and-out grime and even hovering rather comfortably around lounge lizard-style funk. While he opens the show with the first four songs from London Town, his back catalogue gets a good airing too - Home Sweet Home's the first, followed by P's & Q's.

Typical Me is the usual hard and heavy sing-a-long and Signs In Life proves a worthy finish to the set before a brief but upbeat encore of Me and My Microphone as the curfew looms.