‘Justice is not being done to me’

Claire Hardy
Claire Hardy
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A domestic abuse victim says the justice system has let her down after her ex-partner was given another suspended jail sentence for his online harassment of her.

Claire Hardy, of Conisbrough, says she has been repeatedly let down by the authorities who are supposed to be protecting her from physical and mental abuse.

Her former partner Jamie Edwards was given another chance after appearing before Doncaster magistrates for posting threatening messages on her Facebook page.

A solicitor for Edwards, aged 33, of Badsley Moor Lane, Clifton, persuaded the magistrates not to activate a suspended prison sentence for breaching a restraining order two months after it was imposed for assault and harrassment.

Instead, they imposed a further six weeks’ imprisonment, again suspended for a year, with 60 hours of unpaid work in addition.

The court was told Edwards posted four upsetting messages on her Facebook page over difficulties in seeing his children.

Ms Hardy said: “The police and council actively encourage women (and men) who suffer domestic abuse to speak out - why anyone would want to speak out is beyond me.

“My ex-partner had a suspended sentence with a restraining order as one of the conditions. When this was broken, does he serve his suspended sentence? No, he gets another one.

“What is the point of the first suspended sentence? The justice process and harrassment laws, I believe, need a complete overhaul. As I, and probably many others, have been repeatedly let down by the authorities that are meant to be there to protect me.”

The magistrates told Edwards they had been persuaded not to send him to prison ‘because it would be unjust due to the extent that you have complied with the sentence’.