Justice is allowed to stay after reprieve

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A MAN due to have been deported to Sierra Leone after nine years in Sheffield has won an 11th hour reprieve.

Justice Charles, aged 35, thought he was going to be sent back to his homeland yesterday after his bid for asylum was turned down.

But campaigners fighting his deportation bombarded the Home Office with calls and emails and officials agreed to look at his case again and his seat on a flight out of the country was cancelled.

He arrived in Sheffield in 2002 after fleeing Sierra Leone at the end of his country’s Civil War, during which he was attacked and tortured by rebels while delivering food aid with the UN.

Justice met and married his wife Ruby, a 46-year-old mum-of-five, the following year and attempted suicide in May when he was application for asylum had been turned down.

His wife Ruby broke down in tears when her solicitor called to tell her the deportation had been postponed.

The couple’s marriage had been branded a ‘sham’ by immigration officials.

Ruby said: “I can’t believe it – they have stopped his flight and he is allowed back home with me to Sheffield. I haven’t been able to stop crying, I am over the moon.

“My husband is a good man, he looks after me, so I could not believe the way he was treated. He was locked up in a detention centre just waiting to be sent back to the country he escaped from. I would have followed him because I love him.”

Campaigners said they will continue to fight for Justice to be granted indefinite leave to remain in this country.