Justice for Hillsbrough

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A MEMBER of a social networking group which aims to keep the Hillsborough disaster in the public eye has praised the people of Sheffield for their support over the years.

Liverpudlian Brenda Glasscott, aged 57, a member of the Hillsbrorough Justice Facebook Group, is urging people from the city to join the group so she can trace the woman who helped her brothers who were at the game.

She said: “The people of Sheffield have been absolutely fantastic over the years.

“Many people from Liverpool have stories to tell about the help they received that awful day when 96 people lost their lives.

“I myself had two brothers at the game and it was awful knowing they were there at the game but not knowing if they were safe. Thankfully, a Sheffield lady allowed them to use her phone so they could let us know they were okay.

“Some 22 years on I have never been able to thank and meet that lady.”