Just more tin huts

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how can there be plans for a new 50-acre Enterprise Zone at Sheffield’s Airport? The site was already an ‘Enterprise Zone’ under the last Tory government. This plan is to rip up the runway and turn it into yet another building site.

The site already has 30 acres of unused land and 20 acres of car lots; not exactly ‘job creation’! The owners have had planning permission for five years and failed to attract any jobs.

The airport was protected by a legal agreement, but this wasn’t adhered to by the airport operator or senior council officers from 2001 onwards. Why didn’t our Labour and Lib Dem councillors, local MPs get involved?

They all seemed to be more interested in the wellbeing of Doncaster’s failing airport.

Surely to have our own airport to support and encourage the expansion of the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Nuclear Research Centre and the Sheffield University Engineering Research Centre would be money better spent. Adding the once-proud name of Sheffield to Doncaster’s white elephant is an insult to everyone in Sheffield.

There is no need to kill off Sheffield City Airport for its land: Sheffield has so much unused land. How can we loose such a valuable facility in exchange for yet more tin huts?

AM, Sheffield

when property developers destroy the runway, Sheffield will be the largest city in Europe without an airport.

Why our councillors, apart from former Coun Anne Smith, have allowed this to happen is an affront to voters who expect them to work on their behalf.

Airports attract businesses, inward investment and jobs, support existing companies and provide better transport facilities for the whole community.

Sheffield Council’s total capitulation to the property developers is in stark contrast to what happened in Manchester. There, the same organisation bought into Barton Aerodrome, which only has a grass runway much shorter than Sheffield’s. However, when the developers wanted to turn it into another property development, Salford Council said that it wouldn’t consider any proposals other than to maintain the site as an airport even though nearby Manchester Airport is the largest in the North. Barton Aerodrome is now the City of Manchester Airport which, as Sheffield’s did, offers easy access to the city centre. So Manchester has two airports and Sheffield has none.

Sheffield’s slogan used to be a ‘City on the move’. None of us would have thought the direction would be back and down

A Hall, Sheffield