Just carry on up the jungle and don’t come back

Royal 'snub': Fergie winging on Oprah.
Royal 'snub': Fergie winging on Oprah.
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Fergie, just shut up and go away.

Go and live the quiet, ordinary little life you should have taken up post-Royal divorce, had you had any real sense of dignity.

The woman who is only famous because she married Prince Andrew, now wants to remain famous BECAUSE she married Prince Andrew.

And does she still wish she was his wife, or what?

She went on Oprah the other day to winge about how hurt she had been after her Royal Wedding “snub”.

She had desperately wanted to “be there with my girls; getting them dressed to go as a family.”

Getting them dressed? What are they, six?

Invite to the Abbey or no, she could easily have spent a few hour round at theirs. But instead she went on holiday to Thailand. To be “embraced” by a jungle. (Sadly no scorpions were involved).

Though I’d say she was there in spirit as they clambered into their pantomime dame outfits and sallied forth to become the laughing stock of England.

Their style was hers to a tee.

And why would you expect to go to anywhere “as a family” when you’re divorced, let alone to mingle with the rellies you’ve done so much to discredit?

Incidentally, Beatrice’s horrendous hat is going to be auctioned for charity on eBay.

I can’t see 99p going very far.