'Just as well Doncaster isn't on my 'to-do' list': TV host Piers Morgan hits back after town Twitter death threat

TV host Piers Morgan has hit back after receiving a death threat from a 'Doncaster' Twitter user.
TV presenter Piers Morgan.TV presenter Piers Morgan.
TV presenter Piers Morgan.

The controversial and outspoken presenter, known for his social media spats, blasted back after a Doncaster-based user tweeted him to say: "I will put a knife through your throat next time I see you."

The Good Morning Britain host, who has regularly clashed with the likes of football host Gary Lineker and Lord Sugar on Twitter, wrote back: "Awww, shucks. Just as well Doncaster isn't on my 'to-do' travel list!"

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The tweet, from a user called Joe Lovell, which was later deleted, said: "I honestly couldn't think of someone more simple than you @piersmorgan. I will put a knife through your throat next time I see you. I am yob!"

Several supporters of Morgan rushed to defend the star, with user Dave Mead writing: "Nice! You can disagree with someone without threatening to kill them or troll them on Twitter! I don’t always agree with Piers but he’s entitled to his opinions and to express / voice them! Never seen him threaten someone that disagrees with him tho."

Sarah Salter‏ wrote: "You may be a plank at times but making threatening comments like that no need."

Andrew Swain‏ posted: "What a nice man he seems," while Paul Hayes‏ added: "They aren't very nice."

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One user, Phil, saw the funny side of the exchange and wrote: "That’s foreplay in Donny. He’s clearly attracted to you."

Peterbarrywex‏ wrote: "I think he likes you piers."

And Garry Dickson‏ added: "Be careful slagging off Donny - half the England team are from Yorkshire."

Another user Ted‏ added: "Doncaster is a nice place Piers, it’s just a few c**** that try to spoil it."