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It’s great see my old sparring partner Judd Newton in print again (June 13).

I’ll comment briefly on the markets issue because I have spoken/commented on many aspects before.

No wrecking ball will be used on the ‘defiant’ office block’, the demolition of the structures has been painstaking because of the potential/real archaeological value of the area.

As for reminders of the area as we once knew it, I have raised this with the council and the University of Sheffield.

I have asked about bringing back the former Markets Heritage centre into Castle House and safeguarding the masonry and plaque of the Norfolk Market Hall at the back of the former Woolworth’s.

I don’t expect to see the plaque to the Hammerson sixties development in Dixon Lane retained, however.

As for the Wicker, Judd, well yes and no. The Big Gun, worthy of further archaeological investigation, is being retained.

It’s sad to see former pubs, some cheaply altered for other uses, but there’s some great curry houses/lovely mouthwatering cakes and good food down there, if too many takeaways, grimy back yards, traffic and litter/litter/litter.

And it’s busy Judd, I’ve never visited the area so much.

As for the Moor – blitzed in 1940 – but the ‘ziggaurat’ and uninspiring tower block make it a cul de sac.

It’s Judd’s forebodings about the Pinstone Street/Cambridge Street/Barkers Pool area that I share, as do many others.

Ron Clayton