Jury agreed on murder verdict

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supporters of Bradley Hinkler say he is not guilty of murdering Thomas Gower as he only hit him once, claiming ‘one punch does not make a murder’.

How about if I stand next to someone waiting for a train and as it comes in, I give a small push, just enough to push them onto the track? Does this make me a murderer? After all it was just one push.

Of course it does, it’s the end result that makes you a murderer.

Before the attack on Tom there was some trouble in a bar. Hinkler wandered up and punched a man and then walked back into the crowd, this was nothing to do with Hinkler.

He then hit Tom’s friend and knocked him out. Tom came out and saw Hinkler coming towards him, put up his hands in a ‘I don’t want trouble’ gesture and ran off. Hinkler gave chase and punched him from behind doing considerable damage and knocking him out. He is then seen smirking and walking casually back to his mates. Tom was so badly injured it was only down to the people who gave him first aid that he didn’t die that night.

A verdict of murder was reached unanimously by a jury who saw and heard all the evidence. Each reached the conclusion that murder was the only fair outcome.

Hinkler has never shown remorse. He refused to cooperate with police.

There have been rumours that Tom was a member of the BBC and so had it coming. He was not a member of this gang and so it had nothing to do with the events.

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