Junkie jailed for attack on parking warden

Jailed: Beverley Green.
Jailed: Beverley Green.
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A JUNKIE broke a parking warden’s eye socket as she worked in Sheffield city centre - leaving her so traumatised she has not yet returned to patrols eight months on.

Beverley Green, aged 37, of Kestrel Drive, Eckington, is today beginning a three-year sentence after admitting grievous bodily harm, plus separate drugs offences, after being snared as part of Operation Mach, an undercover police operation against street dealers.

Four others were also sentenced at the same hearing for involvement in the drugs trade.

Green, who has a drug and alcohol addiction, was swigging from a can of beer when she launched her savage attack on the warden who was ticketing a car on John Street, near Bramall Lane football ground.

Susan Evans, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court: “It was quarter to 11 in the morning, on October 27 last year, when the warden was approached by the defendant and two males. None of the three had anything to do with the car she was ticketing.

“One of them made a comment about getting a proper job - to which the complainant replied, ‘At least I have a job’ and, ‘It’s better than being on my back’.

“The defendant came over shouting, ‘What did you say?’ and began punching the complainant in the face a number of times. It was a sustained assault.

“The warden tried to cover her face with her arms and looked down at the pavement, but the defendant raised her knee into her face. The complainant described the force of the blows as ‘like being hit with a sledgehammer’.

The warden was taken to hospital and found to have a broken eye socket.

“She was hyperventilating at the time of the attack and felt her confidence had been shattered. She continues to feel the effects,” Ms Evans said. Green was identified by police from CCTV footage and arrested on November 10.

Her defence claimed she had felt ‘provoked’ by the warden’s comments, but she admitted the attack straight away - although she denied using her knee.

Her barrister said she had ‘very much the classic drug-user record’ with 33 previous convictions, mainly for theft, but also two for causing actual bodily harm.

The court heard the assault - and offences of supplying drugs and attempting to supply undercover police - were committed when she was subject to a conditional discharge for a previous theft.

Honorary Recorder of Sheffield, Judge Alan Goldsack QC, sentenced Green to two years for the GBH and a further year for the drugs offences, to be served consecutively.

He told her: “It involved a public servant carrying out her duties which you took exception to - even though you had no involvement with the car to which she was applying the ticket.”

Judge Goldsack said Green had a ‘bad record’, reflecting her problems with ‘drug and alcohol abuse’.

After the sentence the warden, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s been a good sentence. I returned to work in March, but have been on other duties rather than returning to patrols.

“I still can’t face it yet.”

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council’s Cabinet member for Transport, said afterwards: “We are pleased the court has handed out a tough sentence for this violent attack on one of our officers carrying out their council duties.”